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Grafisk Designer

+46 70 491 44 08

Geogränd 7, 977 54, Luleå

My work

(some of)

Branding, UX design, Motion Graphics and Marketing is my speciality, but I can do much more. Take a look below!

Now that you're here...

Hi. :)

My name is Oliver Davidsson and I’m a graphical designer from Luleå University of Technology. During my time in university I’ve worked with graphic design a lot. From re-branding, UX design , to designing smaller things like motion graphics, banners and posters. It’s what I love doing, and it’s what I’m good at doing.

Although, don't think I only know and do design!

Analytics and marketing is also a passion for me. I create spreadsheets for almost everything. I live in Luleå for now but I’m looking to move to Oslo as soon as possible. I already have housing and family living there. If you give me a chance you’ll never regret it.


If there is anything, give me a call!

Oliver Davidsson

Want to look at my previous work?
Here's my CV!


Geogränd 7
Luleå, 977 54


+46 70-491 44 08



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